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UFO Evidence presents in-depth and quality research, resources, news and information on the UFO phenomenon. It is one of the largest internet sites on the UFO subject.

  • UFO Photos - UFO Evidence

    Catalog of 300 high-quality photographs of UFOs, including many with relevant background information and analysis.

  • Astronaut Sightings - UFO Evidence

    SPECIAL FEATURE: Gordon Cooper, Mercury Astronaut & Believer in UFOs, Dies UFO Evidence. Gordon Cooper, one of the nation's first astronauts, died on Monday (Oct. 4 ...

  • Selected UFO Cases - UFO Evidence

    Catalog of over 550 selected and good-quality UFO cases and reports, including famous and classic cases.

  • The Travis Walton UFO Abduction Case - UFO Evidence

    Overview article of the Travis Walton UFO abduction case by Geoff Price. 'As the first seriously investigated UFO event to involve the disappearance of an individual ...

  • Government Cover-Up - UFO Evidence

    Aug 09, 2001 · Government Cover-Up "The infrastructure needed to maintain and expand the level of secrecy which can deceive presidents and …

  • Men in Black (MIB) - UFO Evidence

    Feb 01, 1992 · Men in Black (MIB) One of the most unusual aspects of the UFO mystery is the Men in Black (MIB) phenomenon. It involves the subtle intimidation of UFO witnesses by ...

  • U.S. Presidents and UFOs - UFO Evidence

    Jan 09, 2003 · Bush Says UFO Promise Still On Grant Cameron, Presidential UFO. Therefore, when Cheney arrived in Roswell a few months later, …

  • The Dogon and the Sirius Mystery - UFO Evidence

    The Dogon and the Sirius Mystery "Several specialists now claim they have found the long-sought "final evidence" of visits made to earth by ancient astronauts.

  • UFOs in Australia - UFO Evidence

    A Catalogue of Australian UFO Entity and Humanoid Related Reports Keith Basterfield, Australian Ufologist, 1998. This document integrates several previous works, and ...

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