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Bing Indexed Pages Bing Indexed Pages: the World Trade Organisation (WTO), have launched a scathing attack on the Turnbull government over 457 visa ...

  • USA immigration and work visas | › Immigration

    The US non-immigrant and immigrant visa system allows entry of skilled workers including under L1, E2, H1B visa schemes. E2 Treaty Investor and E1 Treaty Trader Visa ...

  • UK Tier 2 Visa Immigrants must earn £35,000 to settle … › News › UK

    From 6 April 2016 most Tier 2 visa immigrants from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) must be earning £35,000 or more to qualify for UK...

  • Immigration assessment form | can provide you with an assessment of your immigration options for a range of different Countries including for the US, UK, Australia and Canada. We ...

  • Australian Skilled Occupation List (SOL) | › Immigration › Australia

    Applicants for the following General Skilled Migration visas must have experience in an occupation on the Australian skilled occupation list below:

  • Trump says he will add further restrictions to H1B and … › News › US

    President elect Donald Trump has vowed to put an end to what he calls H-1B and L-1 visa “abuse” in a bid to tackle what he sees as the loss of ‘American’ jobs.

  • US H-1B visa for specialty workers | › Immigration › US

    An US Employer can employ graduate level employees on a limited number of H-1B visas in the US. Quota means this is difficult to obtain.

  • Immigration videos |

    Much has changed around the world in the past 12 months that will have an effect on immigration to popular destinations - including the US, the UK, Australia and Canada.

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